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FAQ and Photo Usage Rules


I'm having problems viewing the website. What should I do?

We do our best to make sure that our sites adhere to accepted web standards of coding and display, unfortunately some web browsers - particularly Internet Explorer (6 and lower) - ignore a lot of these rules. We suggest you upgrade to the most recent version of Internet Explorer or consider switching to Firefox or Safari, both of which are free to install and use.

If none of these are options for you, tell us the nature of your problem and we'll do our best to fix it.

Can I post these photos to my website / blog or MySpace page?

While we're are very happy that you want to share our photos with your friends and readers we cannot allow our exclusive photos to be copied or republished on other websites. If you feel that your blog totally kicks ass and really really want to publish them, send us an email stating your case.


Poaching photos isn't cool

As you probably know, shooting, cropping, fixing, posting, buying plane tickets and building software to share these photos requires a lot of time, effort and expense (particularly going to Macau.) We kindly request that you respect our efforts and don't poach our photos. Other than it being against copyright laws, it just isn't a cool thing to do.

Now, the official legal warnings:

All photos are protected by international copyright law, under which we reserve all rights.

DO NOT copy, republish, hot link, manipulate, duplicate, post, or mirror these photos.

We provide these images for your education and entertainment purposes under the agreement that they are viewed within the context of the websites we have published them on (,,,, and

As holder of the copyright for these photos, we are the only lawful publishers of these photos. As such, copying, republishing, hot linking, manipulating, duplicating, mirroring, posting or using these photos - online or offline - without our written permission is a violation of international copyright law.

We reserve the right to prosecute any and all violations of international copyright law without warning with damages, loss and legal expenses to be paid by the violator as well as the website operator (if not the same person).

If you have any questions about the legality of your copying or re-using these photos for any purposes whatsoever, please contact us beforehand.